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Open House

St. David’s Day School will be opening its doors to the public this day to give parents the opportunity to meet and greet with teachers, the Director and current families. This event provides an opportunity to visit our NAEYC accredited school and our hands on approach to learning. Current families and prospective families will also … Continued

Meet the Assistant Director

Diana Meyer Soliz graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.A in World History and a minor in World Religions. She began her educational background teaching 2nd grade in Houston through Teach For America. In 2001, she was a founding teacher at KIPP 3D Academy where she held several positions including math teacher, social studies … Continued


In the One’s Class we focus on six content areas: how we approach learning, social emotional development, physical development/health, communication/language literacy, cognitive development and creative arts. These areas are most important for toddlers in a school setting because it helps set a foundation for their growth as they progress to different grade levels. Our first … Continued

Young Twos

Our play based preschool follows a full curriculum providing the staff with rich guidelines for both academic and experimental learning. Our days consist of outside play, centers, art, sign language, free play, music, and dance. The children are also led through library visits, Spanish and group story time. We also participate in our children’s chapel … Continued

Older Twos

Our two year old program is designed to begin introducing important preschool fundamentals to your child through a variety of different activities. A daily lesson plan is posted in the classroom for your review. Your two year old’s day will consist of indoor playtime, outside playtime, teacher directed activities, and mealtimes. In addition, two year … Continued

Young Threes

Hello, welcome to our classroom, Hola, Bienvenido a nuestro salón de clases. 您好,歡迎來到我們的教室. Hallo, herzlich willkommen zu unserem Klassenzimmer, and こんにちは、私たちの教室にようこそ。In the Younger 3’s class, each child is exposed to the various world cultures found in American Society. Here, they learn culture diversity through the celebration of art, music, food, language, and especially interacting with … Continued

Older Threes/Young Fours

Welcome to a year of incredible growth and learning! In this class your child will learn in a play based environment in which experimentation will be encouraged. This is a year in which children tend to become very independent, while still wanting to know someone is there to keep them safe as they explore their … Continued

Fours/Pre K

In the Four year old Preschool room, we seek to create a warm, nurturing environment where every child can grow and develop at his or her own pace. It is a classroom full of fun and much learning! We are a play-based classroom that focuses on incorporating play and creativity into learning in the areas … Continued

Kindergarten/1st Grade

St. David’s Day School- Kindergarten and First Grade Multi-age Classroom 2015-2016 At SDDS, we recognize that our students reflect a range of learning styles and differences in accordance with developmentally appropriate practice outlined by NAEYC. Developmentally appropriate practices mean that students are: Taught based upon individual readiness for the content, skill or instructional approach. Both … Continued